Nov 29, 2022

Growing your Brand by Thinking Bigger About Your Audience


Nov 29, 2022

Marketing in the digital world is often shifting. Why do people follow specific brands on social media, and what are those brands doing behind the scenes to maximize engagement?

It is simple. Below are the key strategies that make it happen.

Strategy #1: People follow authentic brands

  • People crave authenticity.
  • People are drawn to uniqueness.
  • People appreciate hard work.

This means an unfiltered, raw personality that makes your brand stand out.

If you believe in your brand and stand behind it, that will show. People will connect with your brand.

Earned over time, people will appreciate the hard work that you put in. Showing consistency in your website content, dedication, and posting on social media accounts bolsters your presence and earns their trust.

Make these three elements a priority for your social media plan, and you will have a winning streak.

Being real with your audience is important to set the stage for establishing trust between the consumer and your brand.

Strategy #2: People follow those that post consistently

Higher engagement is not acquired by posting inconsistently. Brands that post a lot on social media have a much higher engagement.

High-yielding brands post five or more times per day across social media platforms.

You might say, "Five times a day, really!?" The reason this works is because you are providing value by way of impressions. Lots of impressions.

How are brands doing this, you might ask? Here are a set of steps that help you maximize postable content in a streamlined way.

  • Create Pillar Content
  • Repurpose into Micro Content
  • Distribute across social media platforms

The meaning of this is simple. Create one thoughtful long-form piece of pillar content. Perhaps, a craftily written piece, or info-rich video that highlights the story of how your brand started.

Then, this larger content is broken down into bite-sized pieces, called “micro-content” pieces. These can be in any form, blogs, postable images, videos, or voiceover posts.

Posting with a purpose on multiple social media networks gets you in the spotlight.

Strategy #3: People follow brands for a purpose

  • We know that people follow brands on social media that are real, unique, and hard working.
  • Posting more frequently across multiple platforms consistently will help reach more people.

People like to gain insights and information about a certain brand. Providing this to people will give you the upper hand.

Especially if the product or brand is saving the consumer time, offers fresh information that is engaging or offering a discount or promotion for the customer.

Knowing and understanding your customer and what drives them is key when communicating your authentic, info-rich posts to the customers.