Web Design & Development Services

Web design and development services that provide you with a modern, responsive, user-friendly, and custom website.


Do you need a new website for your business or have an old one that requires a fresh new look? We offer web design services that will provide you with a modern, aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and search engine optimized site. We will build a website that not only meets but hopefully exceeds your expectations.

Content Writing

Content writing allows you to be active online and present on various social media platforms. We offer well-researched content writing compliant with search engine guidelines to populate your website and promote your online presence.


Website maintenance will promote the overall health of your website and keep it secure and up to date. We provide monthly web maintenance and web hosting plans. You can rest easy as we update plugins, run reports, and check the security of your site monthly.

We will design and develop your website.

If you need a new website for your business or have an old one that requires a fresh new look, our team at SushiCode is happy to help.



Before signing any agreements, we offer a free in-person or virtual consultation. To ensure we build your website as you envision it, we take the time to understand your needs and ask questions regarding your business. By fully understanding your goals and what you need to achieve, we can create a website that meets your expectations.


Before developing, we use a UI/UX design tool to build a mock-up of your website to present you with the layout and appearance of your website. At this point in the design process, we will implement the fonts, colors, and logo into the design. Designed properly, a website will offer a great user experience, be aesthetically pleasing, and match your brand.




Once you have approved the mock-up, our development team will move on to building the core structure of your website. With the design created and using the right technology, we will bring the mock-up to life and transform it into a functional, user-friendly, and responsive website.


Creating a website that fulfills your expectations and satisfies the needs of your customers is built upon fully understanding your goals and what you are looking to achieve. During the free consultation, we take the time to ask questions that help us get the feel of what your needs are. We listen to your story and partner with you. You won’t be sitting on the sidelines. You are part of the process. By collaborating, communicating, and keeping you updated, together we will build a website that represents your business.

Let's Build a Website Together.



At SushiCode, we are driven by your needs. We offer our expertise in planning a strategy and building a website that serves your clients. Planning is the cornerstone of success.



We collaborate with our clients from start to finish. We listen to your ideas and consider your needs and those of your clients. Your website represents your company.



We will confirm that all changes and revisions are complete. We will work together to ensure that your website achieves your requirements and fulfills the needs of your clientele.