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Who we are

SushiCode is a web design and development company that specializes in building modern, unique and user-friendly websites. Your website is the face of your company; it must be good. We want to collaborate with you and build a relationship with your company to provide you and your customers with an easy-to-use website that is aesthetically pleasing and suits your needs and theirs. Our goal is to get to know you and your company to help you succeed. Here at SushiCode, we are passionate about small businesses and their websites.

We collaborate, communicate with, and keep our clients updated on the entire process. SushiCode takes pride in establishing a relationship with your company and offers a free consultation session to get the ball rolling. Building a website takes a lot of thought and planning. Let a professional web design and development company do the work for you.

Sushi Code - Web Design Services

As a web developer and founder of SushiCode, I design and develop websites that are user-friendly, attractive, and modern. My tech journey began at a young age with a Macintosh PowerBook 100 picked up at a garage sale for free. In middle school, I began taking computer classes and bringing computer programming books home from the library. I later went on to develop an intuitive inventory management system. Today, I am the proud owner of a web design and development company. On my days off, you can find me tearing through trails on my mountain bike, building a go-kart with my son, or spending time in the great outdoors with my family. Oh, and my favorite food is sushi.

- Pavel Reuk (Founder)

"We don’t try to get things done fast; we get them done right."

- Pavel Reuk. Founder, SushiCode.