Oct 12, 2022

5 Signs You Need a Website Redesign


Oct 12, 2022

In today’s world, any business needs to have a website that is modern, unique, responsive, and user-friendly. Before committing to buying a product or paying for a service people will check out your company’s online presence alongside your competitors’. In many cases, your website is the users’ first impression and shows what you are about. Your best salesperson should be your website.

To successfully convert visitors, you need to measure your site’s performance and make any needed updates and changes. As you look over your site, you might come across some issues that get you to think about a website redesign. Below, we will discuss 6 reasons why a website redesign might be beneficial to you.

1. Your website looks outdated

Having a website that looks outdated can hurt your business. Nowadays, people are gravitating towards websites that look modern and aesthetically pleasing. If your website lacks an aesthetic appeal or is hard to navigate unfortunately your potential clients will be visiting websites and booking services from the ones that provide just that. Also, an outdated website could potentially show your clients that your business isn’t growing, developing, and staying on track with modern technology.

2. Your website is not responsive

Responsive web design is a development approach that creates a seamless experience between all screen sizes, platforms, and the orientation of devices. A responsive website gives equal access to information and provides consistency across all devices and eliminates user frustration. As the user switches from their iPhone to their laptop, the website will automatically transition to accommodate for resolution, image size, and script. People expect a seamless experience across all devices. If your website does not display consistently across all major devices, you may be losing these people as customers.

3. Website features do not work properly

Having an aesthetically pleasing website is important but another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is good development. An exceptionally looking site that does not work properly will still cause you to lose business. If your users get confused at checkout, they will abandon their carts. If your website features are not functioning properly your customers will gravitate to those competitor sites that are consistently checking and updating their websites to make sure that everything is current and working properly.

4. Your website is hard to navigate and isn’t user-friendly

A user-friendly experience is crucial for the success of your website. Good usability improves the performance of your website and can boost revenue; it also makes it easy for users to find information easily and quickly on your website. Most users tend to skim through key parts of the page to determine if it applies to them. Properly using headings and subheadings breaks up the text making it easier to skim through the content. Some other things to consider are having a good search feature, an informative header and footer, internal linking, and web speed.

5. Your website is too slow

If your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load it could result in losing visitors and will harm SEO. Site speed plays an important role in the success of your website. A slow website may be the result of a badly developed website or an increase in visitors that has overloaded the website infrastructure.

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A website redesign requires an allocated amount of time and money, but an aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and user-friendly website is important to your success online. Hand in hand with your business strategy, a website redesign can help you expand your business, increase your conversion rate, and accommodate the needs of your visitors.